Georgia’s Kosher Wine protected by Holograms!

20 04 2008

Georgia is home to the oldest wine-making tradition in the world and also to a Jewish community several centuries old! The 2007 vintage produced Georgia’s first-ever kosher wine at Alaverdi winery. The factory normally brews and bottles the ordinary varieties of Georgian wine but, with a little creativity, it is now able to produce the new kosher variety.

The wine was made under the guidance of religious law expert Elaiu Janashvili from Israel. He and three other Georgian Jews then brought in the grapes and operated the machinery. As the wine matures, it is kept in a sealed warehouse. Only after it is bottled and individually-marked with a hologram are gentiles allowed to see it.

But although the production must adhere strictly to Jewish law, the finished wine is exported to countries as diverse as Ukraine and the USA.