Heat Shrink Hologram Labels to help Wine industry

2 09 2007

Sleever International, a pioneer and innovator in packing, labeling, customization, tamper-evident seals,  has once again unveiled an innovative holographic solution that could prove to be a boon to the wine and spirits industry that is plagued by rampant counterfeiting across the world.

As per studies by Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), alcohol and beverages are among the most counterfeited articles in the world trade. As per a study by OECD, counterfeit and pirated goods across national borders may have amounted to US$200bn (€148bn) in 2005. Interestingly, actual levels could surpass the reported figures by several hundred billion dollars, when factors not covered by the study are taken into consideration. These factors include domestically produced and consumed counterfeit products, and pirated goods transmitted over the Internet.


The new technology introduced by Sleever International is expected will to greatly benefit the food and beverage industry so as to ensure its customers the authenticity of the products, as counterfeiting can undermine the consumer’s trust and tarnish the image of the branded product. Many companies in the pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetics, food and homecare products are customers of Sleever International.

The new Holosleeve for wine and spirits bottles using three cutting-edge technologies has been introduced by Sleever International. The Holosleeve is heat-shrink labels with integrated holograms will help the wine and spirits industry to counter counterfeiting and forgery. Besides being of particular use in the wine and spirits industry, the technology could find application in the perfume, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.
Holosleeve is shrink-wrapped and embossed with a 3D motif, giving each bottle a unique pattern. Every label features a hologram that is destroyed once the consumer opens the bottle, resulting in a multi-technology innovative solution adapted to each customer and each product. This makes the product practically inimitable, not only to effectively fight against forgeries and substitutions, but also grey markets because of the possibility of integrating traceable tags.