1TB Holographic Storage Disk is Coming!

26 07 2007

Yes, you read that right!

1TB or One Tera Byte or 1000GB or One Thousand Giga Byte or unbelievble storage capacity on a Blu-Ray Disk!

It is possible according to the latest research as per this article.

A group of scientists working together with the Institute of Optics and Optical Technologies at the Technical University of Berlin claim to have discovered a way to store 500GB worth of data on DVD-sized discs.

And the discs may be available sooner than one imagines it can be possible. Thanks to the holographic techniques, namely – Microholography, being used to develop this beauty with monsterous capacity for data storage.

Wow… wow… wow and WOW! Can’t wait to store all of my hard disk and more on a disk that can be carried around! What about you, guys? 🙂