Holograms helps people with Astigmatism

11 07 2007

A new research in Australia suggests that people with astigmatism may soon look at holograms to diagnose their eye condition.

It is being hoped that 3D images will be easier for patients to use than current methods and allow optometrists to more quickly diagnose this common eye focusing problem.

In the most common form of the condition, the vertical and horizontal lines of a cross are in focus at two different distances, says Dr Avudainayagam. About 10% of the population have a degree of astigmatism that requires correction, he says, adding it can be very hard to correct if not caught at an early age. He says the current gold standard of diagnosing it involves patients trialling different lenses until they can see a test image 6 metres away completely clearly. This can be slow and cumbersome, and people have to remember how things look with each lens as they compare them. Dr Avudainayagam says the hologram method has already been tested on real eyes in another experiment involving a different focusing problem. – abc.net.au

Source: http://abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/07/10/1974208.htm