Al Gore’s Hologram at Live Earth, Tokyo

8 07 2007

It was yet another innovative use of holography as the former US Vice-President and environmentalist, Al Gore, who is also the organizer of the Live Earth Concerts made an appearance in Tokyo, Japan as a hologram where thousands of Japanese fans rocked to the rhythm of a virtual techno-beat act as Live Earth moved on to Tokyo.

Live Earth hopes to reach up to two billion people through radio, television and the internet and features acts including Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snow Patrol and Snoop Dogg in nine concerts around the globe.

Lumi, the female vocalist for Genki Rockets, appeared in an anime (cartoon) hologram and performed to the crowd that filled the Makuhari Messe hall east of Tokyo. The earth glows like a blue star,” said Lumi, describing herself as a 17-year-old born in “outer space”. She then introduced organiser Al Gore, who also appeared in a hologram. “Now is the time to begin to heal the planet,” the former US vice-president and environmentalist, said. – The Sydney Morning Herald





2 responses

16 07 2007
Mark Diamond

Please , no more 2 dimensional projections passing as holograms. This release appears everywhere and these are simply not holograms, holographic in appearence sure, but not holograms.

22 07 2007

Hi Mark,

Thanks for pointing this out! Perhaps, you would like to elaborate the difference further with some graphical examples for the benefit of our readers. Your vast experience in this domain will definitely be of a lot of help in making things clearer for the readers who might not be so savvy at all things “hologram”.

We look forward to your regular participation on this blog. Please also confirm if you would like to collaborate with us on developing the content for this blog and be able to reach out to our target audiences more effectively.

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