Holograms For Better Vision Tests

7 07 2007

Yet another innovation using a hologram.

Researchers in Australia have created a new one-step test that uses holograms to diagnose the astigmatic error of the human eye, a key measurement in determining the appropriate prescriptions for eye glasses in patients. This new technique adds to an earlier one, developed by the same researchers, for using a single hologram to measure another important property, the spherical refractive error of the eye.

In subjective refraction the spherical and cylindrical errors of the human eye are measured. Recently, we reported a technique by which the spherical error can be measured in one step using a hologram. We have now developed a holographic target consisting of sunburst patterns to measure the astigmatic error of the human eye as well. Apart from being simple, quick, and low cost, holography offers the advantage of being an open field refraction system that is devoid of the problem of proximal accommodation. We describe the holographic target, its working principles, the measurement procedure, and the initial results obtained. – ScienceDaily

Hologram Manufacturers, take a bow!

Source: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/07/070705120743.htm 




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